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In 2010 I signed up with elite destinations in Las Vegas. I paid $3644 for my membership to this exclusive travel program.

In the beginning everything was wonderful elite destinations was unbelievable they booked me an amazing condo for just $199. The people there were so friendly and so nice and it was just amazing. Somewhere along the lines I got scammed by this company called VIP destinations. I got a call one day back in 2011 from this company VIP destinations telling me that I need to pay my Annual dues.

Well I had thought I had already paid and they told me I didn't. Even though I was very skeptical they told me that elite destinations no longer existed and that VIP destinations bought them out. VIP destinations told me that they had amazing prices and they would give me amazing service and all this ***. Against my better judgment I decided to pay them because I already invested such a large amount and I didn't want to lose it.

They told me that if I didn't pay them my account would be canceled and that I would lose all the money I invested. They said elite destinations was gone and that they were the only people who could help. Finally I paid them they told me that I could pay two years for $300 and so I paid them and finally when I decided to book everything went wrong. I asked them about a condo for 199 in Florida and I needed airfare also.

When I tried to book they spoke to me like I was a second-class citizen and that I was doing something wrong. And then they told me that there's nothing available in Florida and that the airfare would be double what it costs on Priceline. I couldn't believe this I invested so much money and now I was being treated like garbage. Then not too long ago I get a call from someone claiming that he's with elite destinations and that VIP was a scam company.

He told me that VIP worked for elite destinations for a couple of months and they fired them because VIP had bad prices and bad service. The people from the real company elite destinations showed me the website elite destinations.net and I was blown away. Everything he showed me is everything that I was promised in Las Vegas Not to mention they treated me very well and showed me where I could get everything I wanted. They even gave me my own personal concierge who helps me and lets me call him anytime for anything.

They worked with me to get my money back from the fraudulent company VIP destinations. They wiped away all the unpaid years because of the confusion And even sent me some money that I can use at a restaurant. This complaint is to warn everybody who has been contacted by VIP destinations they are a scam they will take your money their unscrupulous people.

And the ringleader is this guy named Rick he is an ex convict and is not to be trusted. If you want the value for what you paid for like I do make sure you're working with the correct company elite destinations

Product or Service Mentioned: Travel To Go Membership.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I'm currently working with elite destinations and this same thing almost happened to me luckily I called the real company right away an it was all cleared up. What actually happened was the VIP destinations company was telling people they are elite and tricking them.

I'm glad it worke out well for you. Good luck to anyone else in a similar situation.

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